Our Team

We care ABOUT YOU not just for you!

Sabe Connor:

Responsible Individual

Sabe is an independent registered social worker and a DoLS and Best Interests Assessor. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and a Master’s Degree in Learning Disability studies. Sabe worked as an Appropriate Adult, a social worker in children’s services, and with adults who have learning disabilities. She obtained a Leadership & Management in Care Services (LMCS) award and in 2008, Holywell® Care Services was born; Sabe is Director of Operations. Holywell Children’s Services is currently based in Lancaster, Morecambe and Preston areas of Lancashire.

Gelareh Lak:

Behaviour Therapist

Gelareh (Geli) graduated in psychology and has specialised in autism and behavioural science. She’s always on hand to help find a solution and aims to make a difference to the lives of the children placed with us. Geli finds working with children a fulfilling and rewarding job. She uses her expertise to identify the simplest and most practical approaches to overcoming the difficulties that individual children face in their life. Geli’s work with children leads to lasting improvements.

Sylvester Rukani:

Ofsted-Registered Manager

Sylvester is a registered social worker with over 10 years’ experience in various private sector services with children and young persons in transition. Sylvester has a Master’s degree in social work and holds a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services. He is the manager of The Grange and ensures that there are always enough experienced, trained staff available to meet the needs of the children in the home. He leads our team of residential support workers and together with Holywell’s management team, aims to deliver an outstanding service to the children at the home.