Who can we support?

We provide tailored support, positive encouragement, and new life experiences for children with a variety of needs including social, emotional behavioural difficulties (EBD) and/or special educational needs (SEN). These may include the following:

  • Social and emotional needs
  • Risk of child sexual exploitation (CSE)
  • Moderate learning disabilities
  • Attachment disorder
  • Autism/ASD
  • Developmental delay

Residential Care

Before a child moves into one of our homes, we take the time to build a partnership with commissioners, education, health, families, carers, stakeholders and the children themselves. This way, we can make sure we find the residential placement that’s right for them. We understand the importance of a space where our young people can settle in and feel secure.

We believe that each child deserves the opportunity to reach their potential and should be given the chance to develop in a safe environment; alongside an education that prepares them to be productive, contribute to the community and benefit from their efforts. Holywell Children’s Services works closely with other agencies, including education and health authorities, so that the children in our care receive the personalised support they need.

Each child placed with Holywell will be paired with a key worker, who will advocate for and support the child in reviews, school meetings and medical appointments. This gives our support team a detailed understanding of each child’s needs and the progress being made. Whenever possible, we support contact visits with parents, as well as working in partnership with social workers and professionals from various agencies – ensuring that contact is safe and enjoyable.

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Transitional Care and Support

When a child is ready to leave our home, we will work with them to develop a personalised plan that will meet their independent living needs. Our plans are always carefully organised, flexible and can allow for ongoing contact with our home and our team when needed. If advised by Ofsted, we may be able to help an older child with a smooth transition to their next placement.

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In line with our person-centred therapeutic support, we encourage the children in our care to pursue their favourite hobbies and interests. Through our key worker sessions with individual children, we actively encourage individuals to take part in activities that are important to them. These activities can include swimming, football, basketball/netball, horse riding and angling.

We support our children in many ways, from passing their driving tests, to helping them get involved in sports teams or outdoor activities, to involvement in voluntary work or apprenticeship schemes that could lead to a career or future employment. In supporting and encouraging our children to participate in activities or hobbies that they are interested in, we help to build their independence, social skills and resilience, which pave the way towards a healthy and fulfilling future. By opening the door to new experiences, information and skills, children begin to shape their prospects and are enabled to reach their full potential.

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