Selection and retention of staff is our starting point, and our in-house, full-time training team ensures that staff are supported to develop their knowledge and skills.

We have a strict Anti-bullying policy and do not tolerate any form of bullying inside or outside our homes.

The measures we take to Safeguard every child placed with us are in line with best practice. We keep staff safe in line with our Health & Safety and Lone Working policies.

Health & Safety standards

Our Health & Safety standards are high: we routinely conduct fire safety risk assessments, fire alarm drills and electrical PAT tests. We maintain the home through undertaking repairs and maintaining food hygiene and safety standards.  By keeping children safe, healthy and happy we aim to achieve optimal outcomes from every placement.

Placement plan

Each child’s Placement plan is developed by the home’s manager and the child’s social worker.  These Person-centred plans are developed and reviewed with the social worker to ensure we respond to the child’s needs, which change as they grow and develop.

Holywell Children’s Services is organisationally robust. We are part of the Holywell® Care Group, which is a learning organisation accredited by Investors in People.

 Clear Care System

Our service is administratively sound since we use systems that serve the whole Group. For our children’s services, we use the sector’s Clear Care system for record keeping.

By actively promoting direct communication, we aim to avoid problems that can arise from simply “passing on” information.  If you would like to know more about us, please contact us.

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