Residential Care

We empower each child to develop their social, emotional, independence and functional skills, to equip them with the skills needed to cope with life’s challenges. Before each child moves into The Grange, from the point of referral, the home works in partnership with commissioners, education, health, families, carers, stakeholders and the children themselves to identify the most suitable residential placement for them, which will enable them to settle, feel safe and secure. The Manager first ensures that each child’s needs are within the range of services set out in the home’s statement of purpose.

We believe that each child must be provided with the opportunity to reach their potential and given a chance to develop in a safe environment. Every child must receive an education that prepares them to be productive, contribute to the community and benefit from their efforts. Holywell Children’s Services works closely with other agencies including education and health authorities to ensure that the children we support receive the individualised care and support they require. Each child placed with Holywell is allocated a key worker, whose job it is to advocate for and support the child in reviews, school meetings and medical appointments. With only three places at the home, Holywell’s support team gains a detailed understanding of each child’s needs and the progress being made. Whenever possible, we support contact visits with parents as well as working in partnership with social workers, and professionals from various agencies to ensure that contact is safe and enjoyable.