We are part of the Holywell Care Group, an established standard-bearer for care homes in the North West; we have now expanded to include the YouthZone/Holywell Children’s Services.

We are using our extensive experience in social care to go the extra mile to defend every child’s rights, while providing care and support to make major differences to each child in our care. We are flexible and are willing to rearrange our services so that we can effectively meet the needs of individual children entrusted to our care. 

At YouthZone/Holywell Children’s Services, we are dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment, aimed at encouraging young people to recognise their own talents and capabilities and realise their full potential.

Our values and beliefs include your family, friends, carers and support teams who are involved in every aspect of the care plans designed for you and those close to you. We believe in person-centred care, which means that we put  your interests and wellbeing first. Holywell’s staff are trustworthy and reliable: each member of staff understands your situation and can offer a personalised approach to your care.

The facilities and services that we provide are outlined below.